Concierge Health Services

Dr. Rajput is now offering personalized care options for patients from all around the world through South Coast Cardiology Concierge Health Services.  Whether you need help navigating the convoluted heath care system or want a second expert opinion on a major procedure, Dr. Rajput is available to serve as your private physician. 

You will receive the most elite personalized care and have immediate and direct communication with Dr. Rajput for all your health care needs.  As a private concierge patient of Dr. Rajput, you will receive a bespoke plan for maximizing your health holistically. 

South Coast Cardiology has a full range of modern diagnostic tests to consistently monitor your health.  With baseline data from these tests, Dr. Rajput carefully details a plan to address current issues in an optimal way.  Moreover, Dr. Rajput will guide you to live a healthy lifestyle that prevents new illnesses from arising.  

Concierge patients will have South Coast Cardiology staff to serve medical administrative needs:

  • Set up appointments in our office or with other healthcare providers
  • Schedule diagnostic tests
  • Communicate with pharmacies for new medication as well as refills
  • Full-breadth of medical tests available at our office and locations near you
  • Direct communication with Dr. Rajput
  • Personal visits by Dr. Rajput at nearby hospitals
  • Home visits by Dr. Rajput where appropriate

Your time and life are precious and you deserve the very best when it comes to your health. Dr. Rajput understands this, which is why he treats each one of his concierge patients with his full expertise and compassion.  Do not let the traditional health care system fail you.  Choose Dr. Rajput today. 

Please contact us today to speak about your needs. Pricing is custom for each patient. 

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