Concierge Cardiologist

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Concierge Cardiologist

Why is Concierge Cardiology a better option?

In this model of concierge cardiology, patients will receive longer appointments, more extensive testing, and a focus on preventive care from Dr. Rajput. This can include regular check-ups, advanced screenings, and a more proactive approach to managing risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Patients also benefit from greater coordination of care, with our concierge cardiologist often acting as a central point of contact for other specialists involved in the patient’s care.

concierge cardiologist for personalized care
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Concierge Cardiologist for personalized care

The concierge cardiologist model allows for a more personalized and attentive approach to healthcare, with patients having greater access to Dr. Farzan Rajput via phone, email, or virtual consultations. While this type of practice comes with a higher cost, it provides patients with a higher level of service and attention that may not be possible in a traditional healthcare setting.

Some individuals find that a concierge cardiologist offers certain advantages. One of the key benefits of a concierge cardiologist is the increased accessibility and availability of Dr. Rajput. Patients have the ability to reach Dr. Rajput more easily, whether for urgent concerns, follow-up questions, or appointments outside of regular office hours. This level of accessibility can lead to a more immediate and personalized approach to care. With this in mind, Dr. Farzan has a deeper understanding of the patient’s health profile and the development of tailored treatment plans, resulting in improved health outcomes.

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